Friday, January 23, 2009


I can understand the frustration of Indian leaders on the reaction coming after the views of British foreign secretary regarding Kashmir. Indeed good sense has prevailed among the leading powers and they have starting to realize that Kashmiris are oppressed people who are trying to feel their presence by tooth and nail. Indian leaders cannot swallow the bitter truth that they have signed a number of international resolutions on Kashmir and nomatter how many times they Sing the "internal matter" integral part" song ,It is not going to befool the world regarding its illegal occupation of our pious land. Recent frustration of India's so called foreign Minister Mukerjee is obvious. He is crying high in Kabul that Kashmir cannot be linked with Bombay attacks so that world will be distracted from the Kashmir as then they'll pressurize it to sit and negotiate seriously and not just as it has done in past 65 years. I don't know who and why attacked Bombay, All what I know that because of Kashmir Pakistan fought with India three wars. no one won them. In 1947 UN saved India, In 65 USSR saved it and in 1999 Clinton saved India from Humiliation. Kashmir has and was always a cause of friction between these two countries. No matter how many LOC points they open ,No matter how many times they'll use cricket diplomacy but nothing will change until the oppressed people are given their right of self determination .Obama during his campaign had promised to engage himself as a part of Clintons promise to take personnel effort in Kashmir issue during Kargil war. Now the time has come for that show. New secretary of state who is Clintons wife will also have to keep into the mind the cunningness of India, who every now and then tries to sabotage the freedom struggle in Kashmir. Sometimes it labells Kashmiris communal sometimes terrorist's.To be continued Inshallah

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Srinagar, Jan 17: It was on this day in 2002 that troopers of Army’s Rashtriya Rifles picked up a chemist, Manzoor Ahmad Dar, at Hyderpora here. For the past six years, his family vainly tried to locate him in security camps, interrogation centers and jails. His family now pins hope on the chief minister Omar Abdullah who has promised zero tolerance to human rights violation. “It is my right to know what happened to my father and it is the government’s responsibility to locate him,” Dar’s daughter, Bilquees, told Greater Kashmir. On this day in 2002, Bilquees said, the troops of RR led by Major Kishore Malhotra barged into her house. They asked her father to accompany them. “We pleaded before the troops to leave him as those days it was their modus operandi to kill people after picking them. However, they dragged my father and bundled him in their vehicle. That was the last time when I saw him,” she said with moist eyes. “If my father has committed any crime, tell us. If he has been killed let us know where his grave is. I make a fervent appeal to CM to help us to get justice,” she said. Dar’s family went to Police Station, Sadder, which refused to register an FIR. People of Hyderpora alongwith the family staged demonstrations for days together to protest against the indifference of police. “However, our neighbors were scared when Major Malhotra reached the spot saying, ‘you can’t harm me, do whatever you want.” Some days later, the troops picked up Manzoor’s two friends and a youth. However, they were released after questioning. One of the youths after his release contacted Dar’s family saying he had met him in some camp at Lethpora in Pulwama district. “He (Dar) has been severely tortured. I could only talk to him as he and I were blindfolded in a cell. Later, we were separated,” Bilquees quoting the youth as saying. She said after a few months a caller identifying himself as Brigadier Baldev Singh asked her family to reach a camp at Airport. Bilquees alongwith her relatives went to the camp. Baldev Singh gave her Rs 2500 “for pursuing education” and said he has deputed teams to locate her father. However, Baldev Singh refused to help the family after a newspaper carried a story that cost of a human in Kashmir is Rs 2500. After a few months, the family received another call. The caller identified himself as an IB officer and asked the family to identify the accused troopers who had picked up Dar. Accompanied by her uncle and mother, Bilquees said she boarded a car without a number plate at Rangreth. The family was taken to a camp on Airport where some officers asked them description of the troopers who had apologized to them. “My mother even demonstrated how the trooper had apologized. However, one of the officers objected saying the trooper did not apologize in such way. We realized that the officer would have been part of the team which picked my father. Fearing for our life we kept mum. The officers told us they will release my father on the condition that we will not raise hue and cry or file case against Army. They asked us to wait for their call,” she said. “Army only wanted to hush up the case,” said Bilquees’s mother Jana. “Our life has become hell. I am so afraid after my husband’s custodial disappearance that I have asked my sons to remain away from the case,” she said “We have faced tough times. Our close relatives distanced themselves fearing that troops might harm them. At times, we did not have even food to eat. However, we reserved every penny for locating father,” Bilquees said. The family had also knocked the doors of Court. The Court had summoned the accused Major Malhotra who according to the family has been promoted and posted as a Colonel in Assam. Despite summons and warrants, Army has not produced the accused Colonel before Court, the family said.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No such thing as United Nations

The massacre of Kashmiris from time to time by Indian occupational forces and carnages by Zionist fascist Israel of Palestinian people ,carnage of Hadesa Lebanon in 2007 ,Missiles on men women and children in Aghanistan has once again proved that the institution namely UN is a useless one has has no practical value and respect in the world.If we have not forgotten that before the invasion of Iraq and removal of Late President Saddam Hussain ,whole world was against that misadventure.The UN didn't approved american resolution for attacking Iraq ,But what happened? U.S the biggest terrorism promoting county went for it on its own not caring for this world body and the world commnity.In 1948 after the other colonial power of 19th century,The british got Palestine divided into two and got Israiel recognised ,The palestenians were left un recognised.The two states equal in size never became a reality because of the bias .The U.S who is a lawyer of zionists in U.N got vetoed 4o UN resoutions demanding Israel to end its atrocities on Palestinians .WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF SUCH AN ISTITUTION?

Now take Kashmir.From 1947 its people are suffering because of the incompetence of this very institution .India same like Israel is not honouring the resolutions of U.N which it has also signed.No one is there to force these tyrannt states to comply.When Saddam Hussain and libya can be forced to comply why not Israiel and India? What is the reason when it comesto Muslim states the UN suddenly becomes active but otherwise it remains a mute spectator.Why is so that the blood of Innocent muslims in Iraq,Kashmir,Palestine,Afghanistan has become cheap than water inthe eyes of this world body.May be because we are Muslims.If it is so then we Muslms should make a body equivaent to UN and fight for our interests whenever there is a need.When Georgia attacked South Ossetia.Russia sent its 58th division of army to defend South Ossetians.isn't the time ripe for Arab countries to send its army to defend theborders in Gaza and west bank and repel any attack on innocent palestenias


Muslims In China Slaughtered

The slaughtering of Uigurs by Chinese occupation forces and its Han groups has once again reopened the history of occupation and slavery.This time it’s the Muslims of urumchi, The Uigurs.Uigurs as Kashmiri Muslims are a proud race and have a relationship dating back to centuries. As Israel the proxy of America and other western powers in the middle east ,China setteled the han ethnic groups in uigur dominated areas and changed the demography of that place.When Kashmiris opposed to the Land transfer to Hindus last Year they were having the same fears as India is also no angel and its oppression and atrocities on Kashmiris are well known..Lets pray for the Uigurs and the Tibetians .They are facing the same type of oppression and genocide as Kashmiris face.





Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad

Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad
He was lynched by Hindu mob because He was a Kashmiri Muslim



22 Bloody days of Gaza

Israel should be branded a terrorist state for its 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told the Arab summit.“Arabs should declare an unequivocal support for the Palestinian resistance ... I call on the Arab summit to officially declare Israel as a terrorist state for the crime it did in Gaza,” Assad said.“Ceasefire does not mean the end of aggression as the invading forces are still in Gaza,” the Syrian leader said, urging “Arab solidarity... for our causes.”The Syrian president stressed that the divisions among Palestinians have made the Israeli aggression easier, which also reflected the Arab division, expressing his hope that Palestinians would overcome their divisions through ending the violence in Gaza, seeking the pullout of Israeli forces, lifting the blockade and opening border crossings. Al-Assad also called on Arab nations to take further steps to promote the Arab economic integration and respond to the global financial crisis, saying integration can ensure less losses and protect Arab economies from future crises. An Arab initiative for peace with Israel is “dead” and Arab countries should end all ties with the Jewish state, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Friday. Speaking at an emergency meeting held for Gaza in Doha, Assad said “all direct and indirect” ties with Israel should be cut in protest at its offensive in Gaza.“I consider the Arab initiative with Israel “dead”, he said. – Agencies