Friday, February 26, 2010

Slum dog atrocities on Kashmiris a glimpse by the puppet CM

Jammu, Feb 25: Blaming opposition Peoples Democratic Party of having double standards, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Thursday countered the Opposition with figures on human rights violation proving that more violations took place in PDP regime and added that he was ready to release all stone-throwers if area heads and elders give written assurances.

Asserting that stone-pelting was confined to few old-city areas, Sopore and Baramulla town, the Chief Minister said infiltration level and militant activities had shown a spurt in 2010.

Reacting to Governor N N Vohra’s recent address to joint session of the members of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, the chief minister, armed with figures, said he wished PDP members could listen to his speech in the House. “The day I became the head of the State, I decided not to dig the past but the way PDP has been behaving here, I was forced to open all previous files,” Omar said.

Accusing PDP of being dubious, Omar said in the Assembly they show one face and in the District Development Board meetings, they shower praises on the government. “I believe the face they show in the DDB is their real face,” he said.

The chief minister said he wanted the Opposition to play a positive role rather than create problems unnecessarily.

“They sought debate on human rights and were allowed. Debate means discussion one a one-sided speech. They should have patience to listen us too,” Omar said.

He said they labeled National Conference-Congress coalition as ‘PSA government’ and ‘Adam Khor Sarkar’. “One thing should be clear that I will not allow some 800 stone- throwers to take entire Kashmir hostage,” he said.

He said: “In PDP regime, 1231 PSAs were slapped on people in three years. My government has slapped PSA on only 370 people so far,” Omar said.

The chief minister said PDP labeled coalition government as ‘Adam Khor Sarkar’ (Man Eater Government) but added that the fact was that in PDP’s three-year tenure, 2205 civilians were killed. “In my government, only 94 civilians got killed,” he said.

Omar said PDP had been saying that a sense of insecurity had increased among the people as women were being raped and molested. “Let me start from Farooq Abdullah’s time. In Farooq’s sahib’s six year term, 11 rapes and five molestations took place but in Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s time, 38 rapes and 37 molestation cases were registered,” he said.

The chief minister said during Ghulam Nabi Azad’s term as chief minister of the State, only 13 rapes and seven molestation cases took place. “Keeping this in view, if PDP thinks, we would bow before their lies, they are mistaken.”

He said PDP had been maintaining in the House that the government had adopted “bullet for stone” policy. “They have forgotten when Mufti Muhammad Sayeed was Home Minister, bullets were showered on peaceful protestors at Gow Kadal where 30 people were killed. They have forgotten bullets were showered on the funeral of Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq. How many records shall I open,” Omar said.

He said PDP talks about Zahid Farooq’s killing but doesn’t talk about the arrest of BSF man. “It was for the first time in 20 years that a trooper was handed over to Police. Can they (PDP) prove how many guilty troopers were handed over to police in their period,” Omar asked. “For the first time, International Human Rights Watch appreciated the State government for such a brave step.”

The chief minister said he was ready to release all stone-throwers if the area heads and Imams of Masjids would give him written assurance that those youth won’t indulge in such acts again. “If I receive assurance from the elders, I’ll release all stone-throwers tomorrow,” he said.

Omar said stones don’t hurt a politician but a poor man whose life depends on his day-to-day earnings.

The chief minister appealed youth to come forward and join the mainstream camp. “What for are you fighting? For the past 20 years, gun has not managed to move an inch of land from one place to other. How can stones help? Local bodies and Panchayats elections are coming. Come and fight these elections and raise your issues at a better platform,” Omar said.

He said stone pelting was confined to seven or eight police stations that include five police stations of old-city, Sopore and old town Baramulla. “So, it can’t be said that entire Kashmir is on boil. Kashmir is beyond these places,” Omar said.

He said 2010 has shown a surge in militant activities as well as the level of infiltration. “Year 2008 witnessed less infiltration. The level of infiltration increased in 2009 and it has shown a spurt since 1st January 2010,” the chief minister said.

He said security agencies had been directed to step up operations in Sopore area which witnessed increase in militant activities.

Omar reiterated that rehabilitation of youth who crossed over to Pakistan administered Kashmir in 1990s for arms training but now want to come back, was a must. “I have a proof that many youth are coming via Nepal on fake passports. We’re watching the activities of some youth who’ve come back. There are many youth who want to start their life afresh. They need to be rehabilitated,” he said.

The chief minister said the government was committed to address the issue of unemployment through Sher-e-Kashmir Employment and Welfare Program. “Unfortunately, PDP opposed this policy too. The policy is yet to be started but they opposed. I promise this police will be a success,” he said.

In figures


2009-2010 370 PSAs

2005-2008 2205 civilian killings

2009-2010 94 civilian killings

Farooq Abdullah’s 6-year term: 11 rapes, five molestations

Mufti Sayeed’s 3-year term: 38 rapes, 37 molestations

Ghulam Nabi Azad’s two and a half year term: 13 rapes, 7 molestations

This is a on record statement given by the puppet cheif minister of Kashmir in the puppet assembly so Indian's cannot say now that we have maniuplated these figures.In reality the list of atrocities and oppression is so vast that it needs herculean effort to wite them all.


Muslims In China Slaughtered

The slaughtering of Uigurs by Chinese occupation forces and its Han groups has once again reopened the history of occupation and slavery.This time it’s the Muslims of urumchi, The Uigurs.Uigurs as Kashmiri Muslims are a proud race and have a relationship dating back to centuries. As Israel the proxy of America and other western powers in the middle east ,China setteled the han ethnic groups in uigur dominated areas and changed the demography of that place.When Kashmiris opposed to the Land transfer to Hindus last Year they were having the same fears as India is also no angel and its oppression and atrocities on Kashmiris are well known..Lets pray for the Uigurs and the Tibetians .They are facing the same type of oppression and genocide as Kashmiris face.





Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad

Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad
He was lynched by Hindu mob because He was a Kashmiri Muslim



22 Bloody days of Gaza

Israel should be branded a terrorist state for its 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told the Arab summit.“Arabs should declare an unequivocal support for the Palestinian resistance ... I call on the Arab summit to officially declare Israel as a terrorist state for the crime it did in Gaza,” Assad said.“Ceasefire does not mean the end of aggression as the invading forces are still in Gaza,” the Syrian leader said, urging “Arab solidarity... for our causes.”The Syrian president stressed that the divisions among Palestinians have made the Israeli aggression easier, which also reflected the Arab division, expressing his hope that Palestinians would overcome their divisions through ending the violence in Gaza, seeking the pullout of Israeli forces, lifting the blockade and opening border crossings. Al-Assad also called on Arab nations to take further steps to promote the Arab economic integration and respond to the global financial crisis, saying integration can ensure less losses and protect Arab economies from future crises. An Arab initiative for peace with Israel is “dead” and Arab countries should end all ties with the Jewish state, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Friday. Speaking at an emergency meeting held for Gaza in Doha, Assad said “all direct and indirect” ties with Israel should be cut in protest at its offensive in Gaza.“I consider the Arab initiative with Israel “dead”, he said. – Agencies