Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dubious Pakistan

Since the covert plans to grab the land of Kashmir and settle there Hindus under the mask of yatris (Hindu travelers on pilgrimage) and the enforcement of covert economic blockade of Kashmir by India.I was closely montitoring the situation through Internet and world media.Unfortunately whenever we kashmiri's start any new activity for achieving freedom it always coincides with some other big event in the other parts of world.In 1990 Late Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and people's attention got diverted towards there.Presently the Olympics and the attack of Georgia against the South o
Ossetian people overshadowed our affair.Russia who is a guarantor of peace and lives of South Ossetian people as per UN mandate of 1992 and Moscow declaration 1994 mobilised its 58th division of army and throw ed barbaric aggressors out of Tsinvali.Russia who really took a bold initiative against the aggressor and Psychopath president of Georgia Shaka svili.and recognized the South ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states.tsinvali which has nothing in it to be Independent.No resources etc.It relies on the tax on exit entry of people at its border with Russia.If such a small portion can see it Independent why Kashmir cannot be as such.
When India started its fresh wave of state terror in the form of Spraying bullets on peaceful unarmed Muslims of Kashmir.When Old men women children were Killed.When pregnant women were hit with rifle butts when children were taken to Bunkers of occupational forces and beaten to pulp.When under the cover of curfew"martial law' infants were denied milk,diabetic patients were denied access to purchase Insulin.Acute abdomen patient was not allowed to reach hospital until its appendix perforated.What was Pakistan doing.Were was its foreign Ministry.Why its foreign Minister or Prime minister remained mute spectators.Why it didn't called for an urgent UN session to denounce and end atrocities on kashmiri people.The people of Pakistan also why they didn't demonstrated against the gagging and starving of Kashmiris.Pakistan is not a banana republic.If it really considered Kashmiris its own people it could have gone to any extent to defend them.Russia considered the people in Tsinvali its own people and at any cost they saved them.I have many friends from different parts of Pakistan Such as Peshawar,Karachi,Punjab.SargodhaAlso I have friends from Muzzaffarabad,Bagh.I asked them the same question.What they answered me shocked me.They said India is behind all these bombings in Pakistan and the govt is very much scared of India now than any other time.I asked them then you want us to die of starvation.They replied that now onwards Kashmiris have to rely on their own.Pakistan is in no position to help them even diplomatically.Why ? there was no answer.I visited JKLF web site and found a video clip of Yasin Malik in some talk show on geo tv.There some Pakistani was commenting as if the solution of Kashmir problem was drafted last year during Kasuri's time and was only to be inked.Pakistan had accepted ceasefire line as International border.had there not been the sacking of (Thief) cheif justice the paper would have been inked.Yasin Malik is also in the same talk show and listening to these comments.If this is true then what are we doing. can some one pacify my apprehensions.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Finally the long awaited mask of secularism is off from the face of India and it has openly started a reign of terror in Kashmir under the cover of Curfew which according to a prominent pro Indian Political leader is 'Martial Law'. The lie which India propagated that because of the threat to Hurriat leaders they imposed Martial law to save the leaders from getting targeted.The rag tag Indian agencies had got some input about it.The events aftermath the imposition of this eye wash curfew which is More than military rule has proved the real purpose behind it. India wants to subjugate Kashmiris by not allowing them to come out of houses. Kashmiri people are not allowed even emergency medical care.latest example is the beating of a pregnant woman namely Afrooza by Indian occupational forces. When she was having labor pain and was supposed to deliver a baby.She was first dragged out of the car and then severely thrashed.Troops hit her with rifle butts at her private parts and abdomen.She felt unconscious and bleed profusely.Some local people who had curfew passes who were passing by took her to the hospital where her condition and the condition of her un born baby is critical.A man was shot when he was going to buy milk along with his son at Dalgate.Both son and father were shot resulting the death of the father on the spot.The dacots (troops) barge into the houses of people and beat the old men and women,thrash children not to talk about young men. The arrogance of India can be estimated when its rag tag foreign ministry terms the statement of UN about Kashmir irresponsible. Whole world is irresponsible only India is a responsible nation with its communal and pseudo secularism.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


In the name of Allah,the Beneficent,the Merciful

Islam has liberated man from mental bondage and trained its followers to search for the truth with open minds.Allah has honoured the human mind and made it a means of discovering the tokens of His existence and glory in the universe and understanding His Glorious Revelation.

Since the man was created the process of reproduction continued and from one man and woman god created the whole population of the earth which we see today.God has not only created man but He also created Jinn,Angels and Whatever is in the universe is His creation..
Kashmir has been a den for Buddisim,Hinduisim etc for centuries and people practicized their religion with any fear or cohesion .There are some people today making propaganda that Kashmiri Muslims are forced Muslims from Hindisim.Of course they don’t provide any authentic proof as we all know about the dubious attitude of Indian historians in writing History.These people unfortunately because of the lack of knowledge about Islam don’t know that there is absolutely no need for any Muslim to force any one to accept Islam as his religion.If a person accepts Islam for just showing to the people or showing to the ruler, He is not a Muslim but Hypocrite. To accept Islam one has to first understand about the concept of God.Islamic Monothesim,The purpose of life for which man was created.There were many prophets who came from time to time with the revelations of God.The last and final revelation was send on Mohammad(A.S) a Man in Makkah.Muslims believe in as "There is no god but God and Mohammad is the messenger of God.(A.S)"
.Mohammad (A.S) was send with a message towards Humanity. For whole mankind.He delivered his message and those who got His message they analysed it thoroughly with cool mind. Threw their arrogance aside and whomsoever God wanted to be on right path He accepted it and tried to carry forward the message of Islamic Monotheism to the other people living across the world.
Before the advent of ISLAM all mankind had degenerated into worst of states and the darkest of stages.
Not only Arabia was predominated by such pagan ignorance; the whole world suffered from it.There were two 'great' states Persia and Byzantium; they ruled most of the world at that time.Either had a historic civilization,but what was its basis and what was the mental.psychological and material standard of its people?
In Persia a 'Khosrau' ruled.He was not only merely a ruler,he was 'god'.The ceremonies of greetings were nearest to those of worship.People were really slaves to that god,living-whatever their rank and class was-in the way that Khosrau or his inherited royal traditions would allow.The official worship was that of fire.Morals had collapsed and
Mazdek's communism and permissiveness,dissolution and anarchy had spread.What mental,spiritual and material contempt man-under that civilization had lived in.

In Byzantium conditions were no better.Caesar was surrounded with the same halos as Khosrau,and people were,as in every state of ideological ignorance,masters and bondsmen.There was a creed!- a pagan creed guarded by the church and the clergy:God is one of three!Christ was the son of God!Bishops and monks were lords ruling the domain of minds and spirits contrary to gods revelations and taking the property of people unlawfully;whereas,Caesar was ruling the physical domain in accordance with the Roman Law(i.e not in accordance with the divine law).People were servants of the pope and his Bishops and monks on the other.

Now let us tak about the 'great Indian civilization' at that time

In India,as every where else,there were lords and bondsmen.
But bondsmen there had a peculiar position.They were believed to have been created from god's foot,so they were considered unclean.They had to endure all humiliation,contempt and torture they underwent;for on the one hand,that was their fate;and on the other, it was their sole way to salvation through transmigration of souls.Man according to them,spends his fixed life,then his soul passes into another new body.If the enslaved untouchables were satisfied with their fate,surrendered to humiliation and carried out the hardest and dirtiest pieces of work,their souls might pass into other persons superior to slaves and get thereby to their pursued salvation,though they wouldn't acquire the rank of their masters who were created from the deity's head or arm!
There were countless forms of worship offered to countless deities,but they had one thing in common,that is-ERROR.
Perhaps the most curious thing was 'temple prostitutes'who stayed in temples for the sake of deity!No,for the sake of Satan! But stranger still might the 'cow worship'- men wallowing in its dung and bathing in its urine,Drinking its urine with milk,for the sake of obtaining purity and god's blessing!If cow could have spoken it would have laughed at its worshippers and would have been surprised to see man,whom Allah has honoured,satisfied with such degradation
Also there was a religion Buddhism, as in the Indian religions, the body was despised and tortured for the redemption of the soul, and worldly life was scorned and rejected for the attainment of immortality.Immortality! But where? And in what form?

Arabia was drowned in religious ignorance, like the rest of mankind,There were three religions, all of which were misguided. Jews, who were living in the outskirts of Medina,had distorted their 'holy book' centuries before, stuffed it with lies and legends,changed the divine Revelation and renounced it wholly,complying with their whims and interests.
There were, also, small Christian groups who held false beliefs, such as Trinity, the deification of Jesus or considering him a son of God.Arab idolators throughout Arabia worshipped idols which were placed inside AL- KA'BA, the Holy House of God (Allah), The place which prophet Abraham(A.S) and Ismael(A.S) had been ordered by Allah to build in order that Allah alone should be worshipped without ascribing any partner to Him.Yet, they claimed they were followers of Abraham(A.S).A variety of myths had nested in their minds.Angels, for example,were the daughters of Allah and they were worshipped on that account.The Jinn(genies) belonged to Allah and were, therefore, worshipped. Idols were carved and then worshipped by people.Many new-born girls were burried alive for the fear of shame or poverty.Women were scorned and wronged.Wine was drunk, games of chance (i.e maysir) were used to, and adultery was allowed.Life was spent in drinking, amusement and plundering raids.'Man' was 'Lost' as was his case in all states of religious ignorance.That was the state of the world about Mohammad (A.S) was sent to save mankind from the darkness of error.
In this extremely dark atmosphere there shone a light; it was Mohammad son of Abdullah,(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
The Jews in Medina, before the prophethood of Mohammad (PBUH), had often said to its inhabitants, " The time of a prophet has almost arrived. We shall fight with him against you and defeat you'.The Jews,in fact,depended in their claim upon the Torah, Which indicates that the old copies of the Torah not only mentioned Prophet Mohammad's(A.S) name and description, but also pointed to his prophethood and its approximate time.
Now what was the message from the God for the people send through Mohammad(P.B.U.H).What made Kashmiri Hindus to accept Islam.
A. The revelations of Allah in Quran which cannot be corrupted as Allah has openly challenged anyone to do it.
B- The equality among people.
The Quran, the last revealed word of God, is primary source of every Muslim's faith and practice.It deals with all the subjects which concern human beings: wisdom,doctrine,worship,transactions,law,etc,but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures.
At the same time,it provides guidelines and detailed teachings for a just society,proper human conduct,and an equitable economic system.
All people are from Adam and eve and are equal.
there is no one superior or inferior.race colour creed dosent matter at all.The Kindness towards people and the way of charity in Islam clearly indicated that it is the true religion so when the Kashmiri Hindus read and understood Islamic concept shedding their arrogance they accepted Islam.I for example am a Kashmiri Muslim and was Born in a Muslim family.I myself understood Islam only when I read quran and Sunnah myself and am trying to implement it on myself.Being born in a Muslim family is not enough.One has to himself search for truth same is the case with non Muslims.I after reading Quran can say as all other scholars commented from time to time."Quran is a book of Allah" no one even today cam make such a book.It is the word of God.Some people argue that quran has been corrupted but let me tell them that this is not possible as Allah said
" A revelation from (God), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful:
a book whereof the verses are explained in detail; a Quran in
Arabic, for people who know,giving good news and warning,yet most
of them turn away,so they do not listen." Chapter 41,verse 2 & 4
"Indeed,We have sent down the Quran,and
surely We will guard it(From corruption) "
Chapter No.15 ,Verse no 9
"If you could but see when they are set before the fire(Hell) and say:
would that we might return(to the world)! Then we would not reject
the verses of our lord,but we would be of believers" Chapter 6 verse 27
" And whosoever seeks a religion other than Islam ,
it will not be accepted from him and he will be one
of the losers in the Here after" Chapter 3,verse 85

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The fault of Kashmiris is that they want freedom from the slavery of India.India who lured Hindus from Kashmir in 1990 in order to perform genocide of Kashmiri Muslims so that afterwards it can resettle Kashmiri Hindus .Today Kashmiris are unarmed protesting against illegal occupation,economic blokade, They are showerd with bullets.In Jammu the Hindu fanatics who are armed with swords,Spears,petrol bombs .Who on seeing any Kashmiri travelling in a vehicle throw petrol bombs on him.Beat to pulp with iron rods any kashmiri Muslim they found.With the continous economic blokade and now cerfew we dont have food to eat.Our babies are without milk.Insulin is available but very short.Indian occupational forces are shooting old men women and children without any provocation.Dopamine is not available in the hospitals.Ringer Lactate is not available.Atopine is a dream.The preplanned genocide of Kashmiris by the secular India is in full flow.Where is the world.Where are the champions of Human rights.Where is UN who promised Kashmiris right of self determination through its resolution in 1947.Why world is silent.If this continues then very soon there will be no Kashmiri Muslim left in Kashmir and India will bring Kashmiri pandits back as it had planned in 1990.Please rise your voice against Indian atrocities in Kashmir.kashmirs freedom.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yet again Indian democracy and its farce of secularism is fully exposed when it gagged the voice of Kashmiri based media and in one day turned the already saturated valley of Kashmir with additional occupational troops changing the city of Srinagar into a garrison.Metal teen fencing of the roads leading towards Lal chowk only to prevent people to move towards Lal chowk for an unarmed march.The same Lal chowk where the first Prime Minister of India Nehru promised Kashmir a plebiscite under the United nations.Kashmiris wanted to remind the world the same promise which India has forgotten and world community has kept it un implemented.In a democracy if people stage protest non violent un armed is never attacked by troops with combat teargas shells, direct target killings of protestors.India as we all have seen again and again and again never considered Kashmiris its own citizens.In any true democracy if its people protest they are stopped with water cannons but India prefers Bullets to kill and silent the voice of oppressed Kashmiris who have been always shot by these occupational forces.
In Jammu were majority of people are Hindus now after massacring 300.000 Muslim women children men old and young in 1947 by Occupational army.whoose demography has been changed for ever. India has now started to do the same with the Kashmir.Kashmiris are proud Muslims and will never let the Indian nefarious ambitions to succeeed.India is using a policy of good cop and bad cop. It allows fanatic Hindus to implement blockade of Kashmir by attacking any goods carrying vehicle going to Kashmir.They throw petrol bombs on such trucks.Beat to pulp the Muslim drivers, Hit them with Iron rods to kill them. Driver Lateef ahmed is an example of it.When Kashmiris stage un armed protest its occupation forces spray bullets on un armed people. Every one here can conclude what kind of Democracy is it.In Jammu Fanatic Hindus armed with swords iron roda three edged spears(Trishul)attack Muslim Gujjar Houses,Burn them.Police and army is a mute spectator. But in Kashmir even un armed protestors are fired upon why? Because Kashmiris want economic blockade to be lifted,Our babies are without milk, diabetic and hypertensive patients are without medicine. Insulin stock is ending. Dopamine a life saving drug for hospital use is not available .All this is of a well planned plan of India to slowly clean the ethnic Kashmiri Muslims so that it can settle its Hindu's in Kashmir as it did it in Jammu by giving houses of Muslims who were massacred in 1947.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is specially for pandits.You Pandits never miss an opportunity to pour venom against Kashmiri Muslims.There is no need today to go and open the pages of History which is all re written by Hindu fanatics.I am a Muslim and let me tell you that it hardly matters for a Muslim Who he was before accepting Islamic Monotheisim.Your slander against Mir Syed Ali Hamodony,Sikander Buot shikan is base less.Islam has never been spreaded by sword or atrocities.Our Prophet(A.S) has not teached us that and no one can deny this fact that He(A.S)while taking Makkah back from the Idol worshippers he gave general amnesty to those who had persecuted killed Muslims and even He(A.S) was not spared. He forgave those non Muslims who killed His Daughter while she was leaving for Medina on a camel and was pregnant. They terrified her camel so much that she fell and died of internal bleeding. He (A.S) forgave those who killed His uncle Hamza (R.A) whose corpse was opened and his liver chewed and blood drinked. Nose and ears chopped off to make necklaces. The whole Makkah accepted this religion when they themselves saw the generosity and kindness of the Prophet(A.S) and Islam.We are a people of peace and followers of such a religion. It is advisable that you should first try to understand Islam yourself then only talk or comment. Even when Quran clearly Says In Surat Al Maida Ayat N0 45

أنَّ النَّفسَ بالنَّفسِ والعينَ بالعينِ والأنفَ بالأنفِ والأُذُنَ بالأُذُنِ والسِّنَّ بالسِّنِّ والجروحَ قصاصٌ فمن تَصدَّقَ به فهو كفَّارةٌ له ومن لم يحْكُم بما أنزَلَ الله فأولئك هم الظَّالمون

And We ordained therein for them" Life for Life, Eye for eye, Nose for nose, Ear for ear, Tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal." But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, It shall be for him an explanation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, Such are the Zalimun (wrong doers, Polytheists))

He(A.S) forgave them. He(A.S)could have easily ordered to kill all men women children or order to accept Islam. Islam doesn't accept forced conversion as the person is not accepting it by heart and will not be a Muslim and will be harm to believers. A Muslim is that person who accepts Islamic Monotheism accepts Mohammad (A.S) as a messenger of Allah. Who without any let or hindrance implements the Law of Islam on himself. If he does not He is a Hypocrite and Hypocrites cannot deceive Allah but only themselves.
Now about Kashmiri Muslims .May be you may have forgotten but let me remind you the aftermath of Oct 26 1947.Who saved Pandits in Kashmir from the Adventure of Tribals who reached up to Shalateng and Rambagh.If we would have hated you and wanted you guys to be wiped off then we would have joined the tribals.We were Kashmiri Muslims and fighted back our own Muslims who were gone astray at that time and wanted to kill Pandits.While in Jammu in mere 3 days Indian army jana sang and the Sikhs with the help of patiala forces matyred 300.000 Muslim mem women and children.We could have easily responded.But its the greatness of our religion and our Kashmiri roots which always lie in between.In 1990 it were you who were lured by India and puppet governor Jagmohan to leave valley so that he'll clean it from Muslims as he cleaned the muslim houses near Turkman gate in Delhi when he was Lt.Governor there.What was wrong when a spy of India was killed whether it was a pandit or Muslim.Spy has to be neutralized and it is done every where. Obviously You guys were more in such agencies so it had to happen. Muslim spy's also were killed without any discrimination .Take the case of Tehsin Billa he was blown off by Al umar.What was wrong when JKLF killed Neel kanth Ganjoo who being a Judge ordered Maqbool bhat to be Hanged in a fake case. Sikh spy's also were targeted but they never left the valley why? because they had no dubious intentions and they very well know the real face of Indian Democracy. Who Killed Sikhs in 1984.Also to add to your knowledge there is a colony of sikh widows in Delhi who were burnt alive in 1984.In chatisingh pora,Mehjoor Nagar who killed Sikhs to defame us but Sikhs know who the culprit was and remained with us.Also I wanted to add here despite Sikhs of not being kashmiris no one asks them to leave.It were the Hindus who since Kashmir was Sold were oppressing Kashmiri Muslims. We are the people who don't oppress and don't allow others to oppress us that's why you see Muslims struggling nowadays in many parts of the world.We have clear guidelines from God. Live with peace and Harmony but if someone Hurts you give him a befitting response.
You Batas every now and then tell people that you left property in Kashmir.Isn't it a fact that puppet Govt of J&K has made a law that all migrant property first will be assessed by the govt.and then only sold.You people sold it by your consent and the witness to it so why you people lie. You say Your Temples were burnt. Show me one. Every temple has been occupied by The Occupational Forces of India. I once entered a temple in Channapora locality after taking a bath in the nearby river,The temple which was abandoned by forces , inside they had made it just as a cattle shed. Go and see that temple on the bank of Kita Kol on bypass at chanapora.We never occupied your houses by force. Whereas in Jammu Mosques were made shelter for cattle. Houses of Muslims were given to Hindu migrants from Sialkot and mirpur.We are not cheap as your people are. We are proud Muslims of kashmiri ethnicity.Even today if you guys will come we'll be happy to live together with you but without any more betrayals and mischief.Also don't cry that your community was targeted. DGP of police(J&K) told in a press conference, Who himself is a Pandit,Said 250 KP's and 100.000 Muslims were killed since the insurgency against Indian illegal occupation started in 1989.Believe me I had so many Pandit friends who also left valley. . You people should realize your betrayal and denounce Indian atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims. We'll take you back on our shoulders as we are one blood. In spite of slanders against Kashmiris we Love you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hindus in Jammu throwed petrol bombs on these two Muslim Drivers

In Jammu and Kashmir state India deals with the people according to their religion. In Jammu Fanatic extremist Hindu parties and their activists and the people of Jammu who being armed with swords trishuls( a three edged spear)petrol bombs, who torch lynch and cut Muslims and Muslim cops as well are given cold drinks by Indian Army and Hindu dominated Jammu police. they are given a free passage for attaching Offices of Kashmir based newspapers, Throw petrol bombs on the trucks of Muslim drivers plying on pathankot Srinagar highway. Who set on fire whole Gujjar (Muslim) huts in Jammu.Sambha,Kathua.Indian communal army watches them with pride and pats them.People like Brig.Suchet singh(retd) Who during the time of service took oath under secular constitution was found shoulder to shoulder assisting advising communal and fanatic Hindus how to attack and enforce economic blockade against Muslims of Kashmir,Doda,poonch, harass Muslims of Jammu region. If a person of such calibre and post in Indian army can be of dubious character what about the common solider of this army. After the events of Jammu it should be eye opener of everyone who harbour illusions about the secular fabric of Indian army. We remember that during Gujarat massacre of Muslims we were told that had there been army called out by George Fernandez ,Muslims could have been saved but time has proved it wrong. What is the difference now when in Gujarat an ex M.P (Muslim) is killed by throwing burning tyre on him ,his daughters stripped naked and burnt alive in the absence of Army, and fanatic Hindu youths who on riding a motorcycle throw petrol bombs on a Kashmiri Muslim truck driver who got burnt 90% and is waiting for death to overcome him as all the burnt people die of septicaemia. Sure death. This all was done in broad daylight in the presence of Hindu police and Secular army of India.Now the question arises how many Suchet singhs will be in the Indian army having masks of secularism on their face and when they get an opportunity to inflict harm to the Muslims they would be doing that without any let or hinderence.If Govt.of India wants to give an example to others then it should annulate the pension of this communal ex Brig.Take the medals if any from him as a punishment for defaming the army,otherwise this taint will remain on the army and secular fabric will be always disputed.
Now lets talk about what the same army does when they are in Kashmir.Unarmed protestors whose weapon is faith and trust in Allah,Who never pour venom against Hindus.Who consider Common man of Jammu their own.Who take Hindu piligrims on their shoulders to their place of worship high up in the mountains of Kashmir.Who at the time of the adventure of tribals in 1947 saved the Hindus in Kashmir only for their betrayal in 1990 when the same Hindus left valley in order to Give Jagmohan a free hand to Kill the Muslims in Kashmir which he did with full impunity.Freedom is a right of every Human being.Kashmiris who were betrayed and deceived by Sheikh Abdullah want freedom from Indian occupation and want use the right of self determination as promised to them by UN and the first prime Minister of India.When Kashmiris raise their voice against the oppression and ask for eroding the cease fire line so as to avoid confrontation with Hindu fanatics of Jammu, ask for freedom. The secular army of India spray them with bullets and such tear gas shells ( RUDRA )which are supposed to used during combat. Beat them with Bamboo sticks to pulp. In 21 century a protest rally in other parts of world is stopped by spraying water on the protestors so that no life is lost. But India doesn't consider Kashmiris their citizens which have been proven again again and again from 1947 till date. Why then kashmiris should consider themselves Indians ?. In Kashmir when people protest army gets so frustrated that they enter residential houses and beat the immates break windows, Molest women.
The cold blooded killings of last two days have revealed again the real face of secular India and its secular army.Kashmiris who were caught between a rock and hard place by the economic blockade were just trying to get their Just voice heard by the higher authorities of India. If govt. of India would had clamped curfew in the city as soon as the time of March towards Muzzaffarabad was announced we would have understood that all this is done in good faith but Unfortunately The occupational forces have long ago tasted the blood of unarmed Kashmiris and they want to taste it again and again.The unknown graves in Kashmir. The fake encounters.Criminal attacks on ambulances and doctors who were transporting injured.Beating women and children have again proven the dubious attitude of Indian army and its sister forces towards Kashmiris.Now it’s a high time for kashmiri's to understand that its do or die situation now and as we all know that Independence from Indian occupation cannot be a reality until we all fight together against those who have deprived us of it fro centuries.We must listen to our leaders and act as per their command so as to get success.May god Help Kashmiris.

Your fellow kashmiri


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Muslims In China Slaughtered

The slaughtering of Uigurs by Chinese occupation forces and its Han groups has once again reopened the history of occupation and slavery.This time it’s the Muslims of urumchi, The Uigurs.Uigurs as Kashmiri Muslims are a proud race and have a relationship dating back to centuries. As Israel the proxy of America and other western powers in the middle east ,China setteled the han ethnic groups in uigur dominated areas and changed the demography of that place.When Kashmiris opposed to the Land transfer to Hindus last Year they were having the same fears as India is also no angel and its oppression and atrocities on Kashmiris are well known..Lets pray for the Uigurs and the Tibetians .They are facing the same type of oppression and genocide as Kashmiris face.





Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad

Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad
He was lynched by Hindu mob because He was a Kashmiri Muslim



22 Bloody days of Gaza

Israel should be branded a terrorist state for its 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told the Arab summit.“Arabs should declare an unequivocal support for the Palestinian resistance ... I call on the Arab summit to officially declare Israel as a terrorist state for the crime it did in Gaza,” Assad said.“Ceasefire does not mean the end of aggression as the invading forces are still in Gaza,” the Syrian leader said, urging “Arab solidarity... for our causes.”The Syrian president stressed that the divisions among Palestinians have made the Israeli aggression easier, which also reflected the Arab division, expressing his hope that Palestinians would overcome their divisions through ending the violence in Gaza, seeking the pullout of Israeli forces, lifting the blockade and opening border crossings. Al-Assad also called on Arab nations to take further steps to promote the Arab economic integration and respond to the global financial crisis, saying integration can ensure less losses and protect Arab economies from future crises. An Arab initiative for peace with Israel is “dead” and Arab countries should end all ties with the Jewish state, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Friday. Speaking at an emergency meeting held for Gaza in Doha, Assad said “all direct and indirect” ties with Israel should be cut in protest at its offensive in Gaza.“I consider the Arab initiative with Israel “dead”, he said. – Agencies