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Oh, what a fall was there, my countrymenThen I and you and all of us fell down

Since 1947 India and its stooges always tried to suppress the feelings of Kashmiris.India was always hell bound to keep Kashmiris as its slaves and loot the resources which nature has bestowed it. Oppression, subjugation became the order of the day.India used the policy of divide and rule in Kashmir.It nurtured grandiosity in the hearts and minds of the fugitive Kashmiri Hindus giving them a perception that they are the real masters of Kashmir and the Muslims are useless and un wanted slaves.When the oppression reached its peak and people revolted in 1989 in the form of un armed protests India showered bullets on them to silence the voice of freedom.Let it be Basant Bagh Gow Kadal massacre where the protestors were fired upon from the Krala khud a and from the Gow Kadal bridge,mashaili mohalla massacre,Kungan Bus massacre very recent Muzzaffarabad chalo massacre at chihal uri where Sheikh Abdel Aziz was matyred and after math. India never allowed peaceful procession in Kashmir as it was always afraid that its illegal occupation of the Kashmiri land will never be accepted by the Majority of Kashmiri Muslims.In order to decimate the majority ,Indian army and their stooges in Kashmir hatched a bloody conspiracy that they should anyhow get their Kashmiri Hindus out of Kashmir and then the army will fire on anything and anyone let it be small infants,old men and Women not to talk about men.India occupation army Killed 100.000 Kashmiri Muslims dubbing them as terrorists ,For them they are terrorists but for Kashmir they are freedom fighters who lay their lives for a cause and we as their successors have a duty to lead the struggle to its logistic end.When you don’t allow people to protest peacefully and beat them with batons boots and with butts of guns then the youth have no chance other to take stones in their hands and if still they are unheard then they will answer bullet with the bullet.Palestine is a good example of the oppression so is Kashmir.

After killing more than 100.000 Kashmiris ,The govt. Of India tried the sham democracy and elections card and brought another stooge namely Mufti.When Mufti tried to consolidate his base and started to ask for a solution with honour and dignity he was not not selected for the puppet CM chair.Another new face from a famous spongers family was thrusted upon Kashmiris who from the very first day inflicted new wounds on Kashmiris.He continued the policy of crushing the voice of Kashmiris with brute force with batons, boot, gun butts and draconian laws.


This moron namely Omar Abdullah the grandson of the big traitor Abdullah sheikh reactivated the govt. unlawful militia namely SOG and task force.They again started targetting innocent Kashmiris on one pretext or the another.This notorious band inflicted the maximum wounds on Kashmiris and matyred the freedom fighters and freedom loving people brutally.Their brutal tactics can be assessed by their methods of killing people in their custody.They used to burn people with hot irons,insert hot thin iron rod into the urethra.Burn fingers in boiling oil.Cut the body of a detainee into pieces and keep the parts hanging in the interrogation room to terrorise the other detainees.sometimes they used to beat a person to death or burn him in the heaps of rice straw the dried one which is always available in abundance in the rural areas of Kashmir.

The current puppet regime oversaw the Gang rape and murder of a Kashmiri teenage girl of 17 yrs Asiya Jan and her sister in Law (Brothers wife) by the Slum Dog army in shopian on 29 of May 2009.As a matter of fact I was in Kashmir those days and we protested against the gruesome act.Rape and murder was not a new weapon against Kashmiris ,we had seen gangrape of a whole village namely KUNAN POSHPORA in 90's where from 13 yrs to 80 yrs of Kashmiri women folk were raped by the savages of India.Kashmiris saw rape of a mother and a daughter as well during the regime of Mufti as well.This double rape and murder was unique as the head of this puppet regime rubbed salt on the wounds of Kashmiris by denying rape and murder and labelling it as a ploy to malign the image of the occupation army.Shopian stood against it and teached this moron a lesson.A retd judge who was asked to probe into it reported that the teenager Asiya Jan who was still a child of 16-17 yrs and Neelofar Jan 22 yrs ,A mother of 1 year old infant had been raped and murdered.Doctors also confirmed the same during the post mortom of their bodies but were first forced to mislead people.

After Justice jan confirmed rape and murder ,The puppet govt.with the help of its masters brought an Indian agency to probe this grusome episode.kashmiris rejected this agency as it is well known for covering their army.So as expected this rag tag agency not only excluded rape and murder butcharged lawyers doctors with ' CONSPIRING AGAINST INDIAN NATION' Kashmiris are not Indian so how funny it sences when a Kashmiri is charged with such nonsence charge.

To be continued

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Muslims In China Slaughtered

The slaughtering of Uigurs by Chinese occupation forces and its Han groups has once again reopened the history of occupation and slavery.This time it’s the Muslims of urumchi, The Uigurs.Uigurs as Kashmiri Muslims are a proud race and have a relationship dating back to centuries. As Israel the proxy of America and other western powers in the middle east ,China setteled the han ethnic groups in uigur dominated areas and changed the demography of that place.When Kashmiris opposed to the Land transfer to Hindus last Year they were having the same fears as India is also no angel and its oppression and atrocities on Kashmiris are well known..Lets pray for the Uigurs and the Tibetians .They are facing the same type of oppression and genocide as Kashmiris face.





Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad

Orphans of Driver Lateef Ahmad
He was lynched by Hindu mob because He was a Kashmiri Muslim



22 Bloody days of Gaza

Israel should be branded a terrorist state for its 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told the Arab summit.“Arabs should declare an unequivocal support for the Palestinian resistance ... I call on the Arab summit to officially declare Israel as a terrorist state for the crime it did in Gaza,” Assad said.“Ceasefire does not mean the end of aggression as the invading forces are still in Gaza,” the Syrian leader said, urging “Arab solidarity... for our causes.”The Syrian president stressed that the divisions among Palestinians have made the Israeli aggression easier, which also reflected the Arab division, expressing his hope that Palestinians would overcome their divisions through ending the violence in Gaza, seeking the pullout of Israeli forces, lifting the blockade and opening border crossings. Al-Assad also called on Arab nations to take further steps to promote the Arab economic integration and respond to the global financial crisis, saying integration can ensure less losses and protect Arab economies from future crises. An Arab initiative for peace with Israel is “dead” and Arab countries should end all ties with the Jewish state, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Friday. Speaking at an emergency meeting held for Gaza in Doha, Assad said “all direct and indirect” ties with Israel should be cut in protest at its offensive in Gaza.“I consider the Arab initiative with Israel “dead”, he said. – Agencies